Spanish Booklets, “Hoy Aprendo” Series: ”M, L, P, S” Set (Downloadable PDF)


“Hoy Aprendo” Series: “M, L, P, S” Set

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These Spanish books play a crucial role in helping our students learn vocabulary and develop reading skills effectively. They provide contextual learning, expand vocabulary, improve reading comprehension, contribute to language acquisition, and promote cultural understanding.
We know that incorporating books into Spanish language learning can make the process more engaging, enjoyable, and impactful for students.



“Hoy Aprendo” Series: “M, L, P, S” Set.


I’m Johanna and after more than 15 years teaching languages and
observing my students develop communicative skills in Spanish
through literacy, I think it’s time to share with all of you who are
trying to immerse your child in Spanish the strategies and materials
I use in my classrooms.

The primary purpose of “Hoy Aprendo” is to help children develop
communicative skills in the Spanish language. The books incorporate
sounds, vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structures that are appropriate
for young learners, making it an ideal tool for beginner readers.

By using age-appropriate language and providing ample
opportunities for practice, “ Hoy Aprendo” aims to boost children’s
confidence and clarity in using Spanish. Regular exposure to the
language through the book’s stories and activities helps children
develop their speaking skills and encourages them to use Spanish in
real-life situations.


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