Mission Statement

Our mission is to support students to grow in their communication abilities.  The world can be explored through language: verbal and non-verbal. Therefore, we foster an environment where students develop language skills and start exploring a bigger world.


E-mail: info@fasttrack-languages.com


The Parent Handbook has been written to describe our program, philosophy, policies, and all the practical details that go into making each day as happy and successful as possible. Please carefully read this handbook and keep it for future reference.

Our Program

Fasttrack-Language program is designed for students to accomplish individual goals within a group.  These goals include:

Develop language skills
Gain confidence and love for a lifetime of learning
Develop coordination, balance, flexibility, strength, confidence and discipline through language development.

Our enrichment program runs all year round and caters to multiple ages of students. 

Our Teachers

We strive to hire experienced and qualified instructors who enjoy supporting learning and growth. These qualified individuals are closely supervised and supported by a skilled linguist and certified classroom instructor with Montessori training

Our Payments Options:  

-Fees are charged based on the number of sessions the student will be attending per program-season.

– There are two seasons per year; fall and winter / spring and summer. It is Fasttrack-Languages decision to collect the season payment in full on or before the first session of participation in our program.

Please Note:

  • Fees presented are based in a four week count and billed every four weeks. Fees listed below are for the 2024-2025 school year, and relevant to any student starting June 2024 through August 2025.
  • Tuition may update from time to time. Please check rates at the time of enrollment.
  • A non-refundable registration fee of $1200 PER CHILD is due upon accepting a spot in our classrooms (payment must be done within 5 days).
  • A 60-day un-enrollment notice is required for all students. No exceptions.
  • Tuition includes materials and transaction fees (credit cards).
  • For KINDERGARTEN students only: un-enrollments can only take place before the school year starts (September).  Kindergarten families are liable for full quimester (5 months period) worth of tuition contractually, but will still be billed only for the months attending.
  •  Late fees are calculated based on the count of sessions/days the child assisted without payment.
  • Seasons are divided in two: fall and winter / spring and summer.
  • We will not be offering more than one makeup session per season.
  • Space is limited; contracted number of sessions at the start of the season may not be altered after an invoice has been issued.
  • Make up sessions are allowed, with advanced notice, and will have to be used within seven days of the missed class.
  • Please make sure you choose the right day and time for your child’s session.
  • Typically, we will not be able to make any refunds after a season has started or ended.However; unexpected events do happen, we reserve the right to make full or partial refunds available to families whose situations merit.



Our school offers placement all year round as a rolling admission’s school.

  • Toddlers (19mo – 3 y/o) – Pre-K 3 – 4 programs offer 12-month education. 
  • Kindergarten levels offer 10-month education with a 2 month optional summer and winter camps (must be enrolled and payed separately.


Enrollment forms for the program your child will be attending are required before each child’s starting date.

To join our school, each student must have a registration form submitted. For families with more than one child please submit as many forms as the number of kids being registered.

We encourage families to submit registration forms for desired start dates six  months in advance.


Proper communication between our parents and the teachers at Fasttrack-Languages is extremely important. Teachers will be sending home information on a regular basis through emails or a phone call if necessary. Concerns about any aspect of our program, or your child’s development may be expressed to the program director, Johanna Ocampo.

Remember to communicate in writing any changes in your child’s schedule. We must be informed, in writing, regarding any changes in the person picking up your child. You may add or delete names of authorized adults allowed to pick- up your child on the Child Information Record.

Drop-off and Pick-up Policies

Parents are expected to drop off their child at the center. The teachers are glad to assist you and your child at your drop-off time. Children must be picked up right after their session ends. No child will be released to anyone who is not authorized to pick up that child.

What to Bring

We do not offer any food or snacks to our students since they only spend a short period of time with us for any specific session. Please remember to bring a labeled bottle of water and snacks for your child if you believe they will need them.



Fasttrack-Languages will be closed on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, the Friday after Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day. If any of the above holidays fall on a weekend, the closest Friday or Monday will be selected. However you may check our Camps, Spring, Summer & Single Days section for drop off on certain dates.

Unexpected Closings

Fasttrack-Languages does not follow public or private schools designated snow days. It is not common, yet we may open a little late if necessary and we may be forced to close due to a situation beyond our control (e.g., winter storm, electrical outage, no water service). Every attempt will be made to inform parents of an emergency closing or delayed start time.

Changes in Policies

The fees, procedures, and policies stated in this handbook are subject to be changed at the discretion of the center director or center owners. This Fasttrack-Languages Parent Handbook revised: April 2024.


You are the best judge of your child’s health and we trust you will not bring a sick child to the center. However, if while in our care your child becomes ill or displays an unknown rash, your child’s instructor will consult the director and you may be called to come take your child home. When called, you (or an alternate emergency person) are expected to come immediately. This is to protect the health of your child and his/her peers. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Center Happenings

Fasttrack-Languages makes every attempt to keep parents up to date on happenings here at the center and in the community. Informative emails are sent out at least 5 times a season. Notices are sent out at least monthly through email. Please read them. It is the parents’ responsibility to keep up to date by checking their emails or calling the center.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading the Parent Handbook! We hope it gives you a better understanding of Fasttrack-Languages program. Your comments and input help us to continuously improve this documents and better meet the needs of all our families.

For more information about Fasttrack-Languages and our program, we encourage you to email us at info@fasttrack-languages.com

Please feel free to call the Program Director, Johanna Ocampo, with other questions not addressed in this publication at (201)6858220.

Here’s to a year filled with excitement for learning and happy memories for all!


Thank you for choosing Fasttrack-Languages.