The primary objective of the recreational program is to provide your child with a strong foundation in beginning levels that she or he will be able to build upon in future levels. Each level has specific goals and these are designed for each child’s skill level both physically and mentally. Gymnastics helps develop coordination, balance, flexibility, strength, self-confidence and discipline which helps provide a strong foundation for all sports and academics.

For children participating in our Introduction to Gymnastics Program, we will work on basic gymnastics skills using vault, bars, beam, and floor.

Class Goals:


Positions: Tuck, Pike, Straddle, Candlestick, Straight Body, V-Sit, Stick Body Position Forward roll
Backward roll

Step hurdle R. off
Split Handstand Handstand –straight body Handstand-forward roll Bridge (3 sec. hold) Standing backbend Straight Jump


Front support
Pull over up incline
Back hip circle- hold hollow shape (instructor assisted) Bent arm hang 10 sec
Tuck hang
Pike hang
Pike Swing
Tuck hold on pbars


Review terms for beam: (arms)- crown, side middle (feet)-releve, lock position Releve Walk: forward
Walks: f.b.s
Front Kicks

Jump off land on feet- fear
Straight jump dismount (correct landing position) Overall confidence, balance, comfort, coordination


Proper run/arm placement Hurdle (proper foot)
Hit board w/ 2 feet
Push off 1 foot

Run, hurdle, straight jump

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Teacher: William Steele Former Competitive Gymnast