Toddler Program – Language Development

We would love to share with you that our program for toddlers is open to registration. It is created to follow and meet the needs of each child individually. The curriculum is customized to target language development, fine and gross motor skills and concentration.

These skills will be developed with Montessori, Reggio and Waldorf  inspired materials.

Children go through sensitive periods as they grow and have certain aptitudes to develop:

* Order and concentration: These are good habits that last a lifetime. Children may lose focus in a particular task because the assigned topic is very easy for them or too difficult to focus and concentrate.  It is our responsibility to foster the right activities and environment for each child.

* Language: Children absorb their language from their environment. They make use of their senses to learn every big word and sentence with ease.

* Independence: Children use language to express their needs. They are able to communicate by using simple words or short sentences at an early age. They become more independent by being more eager to take care of themselves. We will get to hear “I can do it myself.”
We are focusing in one main area “Language development.” Through language children acquire skills for independence, social interactions and learning,  develop early reasoning skills  and find their place in their environment.

Enrollment for

September 2017-June 2018

Your child can register for one, two, three, four or five days according to availability. These classes are held

Monday –Friday from 9:00am-12:00pm.

Classes begin in September  5th, 2017 and end June 26th 2018. We are closed the week of November 20th, 2017 and the week of December 24th, 2017.


* Spanish and Italian immersion program for toddlers on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Join us in this fun learning journey by emailing us at with the following: your name, your phone number, your email, your child’s name and date of birth as well as the days and times that work for you.

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